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I'm your professor, Kio Kaidou, and I'll be instructing and leading the students through this learning experience.

This will be where you can sign up to be part of the drawing and painting course. Not only will we be going over the basics, but covering some of the different categories of art through time.

So if you're aspiring to be an artist or just feel art is a good way to relax, then please take the course into consideration.


● Youji Sagan
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Fall Session

Anyone who wishes to sign up for drawing for the fall session, please leave me your name.

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(( Classes are on Mondays @ 8:00PM EST until whenever, if anyone wanted to actually show up for some random fun. XD Chat is crossdrawing. ))
I'm a niiiiice person I sweeaaarr

First/second assignment

Yeah so I never posted the first assignment, so this post will be a include both the first and second assignments...for the 2 students. u_u;

FIRST; Look out of your window. What do you see? Choose the window that has the best view in your opinion. Create a quick sketch with what you see.

SECOND; Come up with the three items you own that make you happy. Create what you think is an interesting composition with them and draw what you see.

Just a note that for the fall and spring semesters, there will be specific materials listed for students. I don't know what is on it at the moment, but when once the fall semester starts, the list will be completed and posted. For now, the professor and I are going to get together to come up with the list.
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You all have dorms, or at least someplace to stay if not AHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Set up something still life and draw it. Make sure you observe the negative space between items, because that will help your drawing. The drawing should be drawn in pencils and/or charcoal only...because I say so.

Set up something like, I dunno, a table and chairs, making the chairs sit in a certain angle, some stuffed animals and a couch or bed, shoes and some other stuff. SOMETHING INTERESTING! And it should contain more than 3 items, but no more then 8 items. So don't draw like...just a frikkin piece of paper. If you do YOU'RE A SUPER FAILURE! XD
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Next assignment!

Name something that makes you happy.
Name something that makes you sad.
If the two were combined into one, draw what you think it would look like.

((Class will be in crossdrawing @ 8PM EST tonight if anyone wanted to stop by. :D))
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Yeah I'm late with this but the professor is a dingbat so I AM TELLING YOU YOUR ASSIGNMENT NOW!!

DRAW A SELF PORTRAIT because I want to see how badly you portray yourselves >D.

OH yeah P.S. CLASSES ARE ON MONDAYS. Just thought you should know.

((ooc: You can simply hand in an assignment by commenting to this post having your character hand it in, or if you want to actually draw something and post that, that's fine too. And amusing. XD))