August 1st, 2006

I'm a niiiiice person I sweeaaarr

First/second assignment

Yeah so I never posted the first assignment, so this post will be a include both the first and second assignments...for the 2 students. u_u;

FIRST; Look out of your window. What do you see? Choose the window that has the best view in your opinion. Create a quick sketch with what you see.

SECOND; Come up with the three items you own that make you happy. Create what you think is an interesting composition with them and draw what you see.

Just a note that for the fall and spring semesters, there will be specific materials listed for students. I don't know what is on it at the moment, but when once the fall semester starts, the list will be completed and posted. For now, the professor and I are going to get together to come up with the list.
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