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Anyone who wishes to sign up for drawing for the fall session, please leave me your name.

Student List
1. Ouka Sakaki
2. Satoshi Hiwatari
3. Yayoi Shioiri
4. Kio Kaidou
5. Yue
6. Ryou Bakura
7. Taki Aizawa
8. Soubi Agatsuma
9. Dark Mousy
10. Utena

(( Classes are on Mondays @ 8:00PM EST until whenever, if anyone wanted to actually show up for some random fun. XD Chat is crossdrawing. ))
Ouka Sakaki (sakakihime) would be intresting in signing up~
Satoshi Hiwatari shockingbluexx
Yayoi Shioiri akwardkitty

both for drawing please!!
Kio Kaidou signing up!
yue [info]liliths_angel
Taki Aizawa Signing up.
Soubi Agatsuma signing up.
Dark Mousy signing up!
Signing up
Axel dancetheflame would like to sign up.