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Yeah I'm late with this but the professor is a dingbat so I AM TELLING YOU YOUR ASSIGNMENT NOW!!

DRAW A SELF PORTRAIT because I want to see how badly you portray yourselves >D.

OH yeah P.S. CLASSES ARE ON MONDAYS. Just thought you should know.

((ooc: You can simply hand in an assignment by commenting to this post having your character hand it in, or if you want to actually draw something and post that, that's fine too. And amusing. XD))
A self-portrait? But I'd rather draw beautiful girls, such as yourself~ :D

But here you go. *hands in project because mun is horrible at drawing and he's awesome at it :D*
GOOD JOB! ^0^d
Here you go *hands it in* *mun sucks at drawing, she does better at writing XDDDD*
What time is class on monday and what chat room is it in?
I'll make a post...RIGHT NOW!! Okay? XD
I almost forgot! View my assignment here: kaiten_waya